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IBIOTEC Neutralène 1089 AM solvent A3 without hazard pictogram








NEUTRALENE 1089 AM NEUTRALENE 1089 AM the first solvent for A3 machines without hazard pictogram. Can also be used cold on all types of degreasing machines, open. NEUTRALENE 1089 AM modified alcohols. solvents A3. machine A3. degreasing machine A3. solvent without hazard pictogram. degreasing solvent without smell







à pression atmosphérique

182°C - 190°C

Analys report available on request

21/026530 LC GC-FID DIN/EN 16995



Jacques Tardif     iBiotec    Tec industries         Tec investissements

Jacques P. TARDIF 

Technical Director    

A3 solvent degreasing machines have been developed to meet the toxicity problems encountered with chlorinated solvents classified as CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic).

In order to avoid any health risk for the operators, they are closed. Under vacuum, they enable the final distillation point to be lowered by about 30%, and finally they enable the recycling of solvents, for degreasing with clean products.


A3 solvents are classified into 3 families.

Hydrocarbons are all classified H 304 "May be fatal if swallowed and enters the respiratory tract". Most of the time, they have the glycol ethers (alcohols) as additives to reinforce their solvent power, which are themselves classified as H315 class 2 skin irritants, and H319 causes severe eye irritation.

Modified alcohols, which are not H 304, but remain H 315 and H 319.

Fluorinated products, the future of which is uncertain according to the F. Gas Directive. (EU Regulation 517/2014) on the environmental impact of fluorinated gases with global warming potential. This regulation is expected to be tightened further with the "Ecocide" draft legislation


In order to resolve the health risks linked to the first 2 families, users have packaging designed so that there is no possible risk of contact available to them (often through rental).


NEUTRALENE 1089 AM is part of the Modified Alcohol series, and was designed to be:

The first degreasing solvent without danger pictograms

- Elimination of security overpacks

- Reinforced solvent power, allowing use both hot and cold, extending its use in conventional solvent degreasing fountains, immersion tanks, with rotary or linear movement of baskets, ultrasonic tanks with piezoelectric or magnetostrictive generators, 

- High settling power of mineral oils by density differential.

- Outdoor storage allowed, without retention, the retention obligation being subject to the Labour Code article R 4412 and the ICPE code.



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